Serhiy Hoshovsky
Managing Director


Mr. Hoshovsky brings a solid legal background, with managerial and entrepreneurial skills, to GCaps. While still in law school, he set up and managed one of the first legal pro bono clinics in Ukraine. For nearly ten years, Serhiy has been involved in significant privatization and investment projects there. Extensively involved in Eastern European business and legal affairs, Mr. Hoshovsky serves as co-Chair of the Committee on Central and Eastern European and Central Asian Law for the New York State Bar Association. He is also Secretary of the Committee on Foreign and Comparative Law of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York.

  • International legal experience.
  • Knowledge of Ukraine, Poland, Russia and Lithuania.
  • Banking, oil & gas, real estate, foods.
  • Emerging market investments.
  • Government relations.
  • Cross-border business development.



Serhiy Hoshovsky has served on a number of boards of directors of companies in Ukraine. In addition, he has held direct management positions in companies active in the fields of oil & gas, real estate, and foods. Having established his professional business and law career in Ukraine, he brings to his U.S. practice and to GCaps an invaluable combination of perspective, working knowledge and spirit, with a special focus on the emerging markets of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.