Vibhuti Jha
Managing Director


VJ came to the United States as a Senior Banker, Region Head with the American Express Bank International in April 1991.  His responsibilities included developing and implementing an investment/deposit program for the expatriate Indians living in the US to invest in India through the Bank and developing and expanding Indo-US business relationships.  He prepared the marketing strategy, placements, seminars, presentations to various segments of the wealthy Non - Resident Indians in the US.  Vibhuti also set up a Los Angeles office to service West Coast clients and returned to the New York office to lead and serve the rest of the country.  Developed a team of professionals to achieve the desired objective, and in three years he and his team succeeded in raising over $500 million in retail programs for the Bank.

  • Corporate banking
  • Investment banking
  • B2B consulting
  • Management consulting
  • Strategic Product Management
  • Project Management
  • International media commentator


Vibhuti organized the first ever "Doing Business with India" seminar series in collaboration with Bear, Stearns in Washington D.C. at the Four Seasons in early 1992.  "Our support continued until others stepped in to carry on the program series. This was a major initiative towards public relations, marketing and education for American corporations to introduce India's commitment towards the liberalisation program and invite Foreign Direct Investments to the country. With certain sense of pride, I can state that the interest shown by American investors today is the result of the pioneering work done by a few good men like us from several  major institutions and which was well carried on in later years."  VJ decided to stay in the U.S., where he then developed businesses with the high net worth segment of Indians in America ("a natural selection since my banking days") for asset management, risk management, Trusts and Estates planning, retirement plans, and other activities.  During this period, he obtained all licenses required by the NASD/SEC to market securities and risk management products and services in the U.S.