GCaps professionals are prepared to participate in a variety of commercial, financial and other transactions in which the specific skills, experience and expertise of GCaps associates can provide value-added benefits.
  • Marketing support for a merchant finance company in NYC area.
  • Business development for a manufacturer of security sensor devices.
  • Global distributor agent for Bosch Industrial Series products.
  • Management, financial and marketing support for a chemical company providing environmental remediation services.
  • Advisory to waste-to-energy projects in Africa.
  • Receivables finance management for an international solar technology development company.
  • Turnaround management support in the project management field.
  • Business planning support in the international OEM space.
  • Integrator of solar project in West Africa.
  • Treasury administration services for an international specialty chemicals dealer.
  • Oilfield services vessel acquisition agent.
  • Board representation for companies in energy and project finance fields.
  • Biodiesel and associated feedstock project development.
  • Advisory to water purification project in South Asia.
  • Advisory to bringing ETF trading to Mexico Stock Exchange.
  • Advisory to securities clearing systems in the Middle East.
  • Marketing foreign exchange processing services.
  • TASA expert witness in financial services and banking litigation.
  • Member, Gerson Lehrman Group of advisors.

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