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Al DeCuir is an experienced investment and merchant banker, whose expertise was shaped by his positions on both the issuer and financial intermediary sides of capital market transactions.  Al has held senior positions at both commercial and investment banks, where he played a prominent role in financial engineering innovations (e.g., securitization of credit and asset-based finance) and has also spent many years as a private investor and business entrepreneur.  He was credit-trained at the former National Westminster Bank in the U.S., which took him into areas of insurance, financial guarantees, and both venture and arbitrage funds.  At Credit Suisse USA, Al was a key member of the small team that "very delicately" forged the foundation for the first true universal bank in the U.S. with its First Boston Corp. investment banking affiliate - twenty years before the repeal of the Glass Steagall Act.  His direct area of responsibility was first in the New England market and then heading up CSNY's newly-formed Middle Market Group.  Notable achievements in that posting included the initial capitalization of Xerox Credit Corp., the first ever match-funded intermediate term credit facility created for Avco Financial, and the initial facility for UPS for its entry into Germany. 


At Credit Suisse New York, Al also handled the first credit-enhanced financial guarantee bond facility in the U.S., as well as the first credit-enhanced Eurobond issue (Niagara Mohawk Power & Light).  Al DeCuir went on to become Vice President and Treasurer at EF Hutton Credit Corp/Chrysler Capital, where he was among the small group of financial executives who increased that firm from $600 million to over $1.2 billion.  At EF Hutton, Al managed the financial programs responsible for private placements, commercial paper, swaps, and relationships with 34 line banks.


Al DeCuir headed the Private Placement group at JW Charles Capital Corp as VP-Managing Director and co-founder of that venture.  There, his experience included expanding a credit facility for General Development Corp., an acquisition of an S&L by the Collier Family Trust, and an IPO for Tucker National Bank.  Prior to JWCC, Al spent a short time as an internal consultant to Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company, where he helped develop an asset based swap program.


Al spent fifteen years conducting his own investment banking and advisory service, prior to joining The Riderwood Group, a national securities firm, as SVP, and later Dolan Corporate Services LLC as a Partner.  During that time, Al was involved in the purchase and finance of numerous media enterprises, refinancing a $10 million manufacturing company, financing the growth of an equipment leasing company to a $50 million level in revolving credit, and the purchase of a high performance boat company.  Al was also a Senior Managing Director at a national M&A firm, and an independent contractor for the largest business brokerage firm in Florida.  In the shipping sector, he negotiated and structured a “double-dip” international sale/leaseback in a $340 million management buyout of Royal Cruise Lines.


In recent years, much of Al DeCuir’s professional activities have involved his close association with Ken Dolan (for years a popular media personality offering investment advice), with whom transactions have ranged from financial services, to hospitality, to real estate, to healthcare.


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