Given the lasting and far-reaching effects of past recessions, we focused our attention on the changing landscape of liquidity and growth capital for middle market companies and have set up a free service of analyzing your capital needs within this changing environment. The needs of many middle market and other smaller enterprises - both private and publicly traded - are no longer being satisfied by traditional sources of bank and other lending.  GCaps has assembled several participants in the financial services field to collaborate in bringing a joint focus on the financing and refinancing needs of business enterprises.   We have expanded our services to include several specific areas of funding opportunity, by forging alliances with firms and organizations qualified to meet the needs of "down market" participants forced to operate within this volatile capital market landscape.  These new affiliations are designed to be advisory, needs-focused, and value-added.  We appreciate that, even if a growing small business concern has in place the management resources and experience to keep pace of these rapidly changing market dynamics, the strain of doing so, while handling day-to-day operations and refinancing or growth capital placements, is usually severe. 

For this purpose, GCaps has recruited Todd Smith, a principal of Royce Joseph Capital and Al DeCuir, a principal of DG Capital, to provide the initial screening, at no cost to our prospective clients.  Todd and Al bring to GCaps over 60 years of combined business experience and more than $10 billion in financing transactions closed during their impressive careers.  Todd Smith is adept at and focused on the latest programs available through the Small Business Administration that have been established to assist smaller companies during recent turbulent times.  Al DeCuir has more of a generalist vantage point, as he has vast experience on "both sides of the desk," having performed numerous investment banking services as well as holding senior positions, including CFO, on the "buy side" of capital markets transactions.  We stress that the real strength of GCaps in offering these services lies in the combined talent and knowledge of the capital market professionals these organizations bring to our client needs.

If you or your organization find yourself experiencing any of the above, or simply want to learn more about our services, first check out the backgrounds of our full team and then contact either Al DeCuir or Todd Smith for a preliminary assessment of the value we may bring to you.