Dan E. Candelore, Managing Partner                                                        
George H. Gregor, Managing Partner
Carolyn Austin, Managing Director                                                            
Bill Farrell, Managing Director                                                                    
Bruce Fernandez, Managing Director                                                         
Serhiy Hoshovsky, Managing Director                                                       
Philippe Humbert, Managing Director                                                       

 Please also refer to our Corporate Finance Services

our Energy, Petroleum & Infrastructure Finance Unit, 

and our Life Sciences business unit.

and our International Advisory Council




Global Capital Service Group, Ltd. ("GCaps") seeks engagements that offer our partners and associates clear opportunities to serve our clients by delivering value-added contribution to their business development needs, including financing, management direction, strategic goal-setting, and risk assessment. Specific contribution comes from the benefit of having experience and expertise of GCaps professionals added to the client's business mission early.

  • Venture capital intermediation
  • Management consulting
  • Financial advisory
  • Real estate
  • Insurance
  • International capital markets
  • Technology
  • Energy and extractive industries
  • Financial services
  • Sales management and marketing support

GCaps professionals bring their broad range of skills, knowledge, and direct experience gained from many years of participating in transactions across industries and geographic markets: